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Our Game Theater Is Perfect For:



Limousine Style Seating
Our Game Theater has a luxurious limo-style interior with comfortable Stadium-Style Seating. 

Climate Controlled Environment
Regardless of the weather outside, the temperature inside will provide year round comfort!  Our Game Theater is fully air conditioned for those hot

summer days and heated for chilly nights.

Seven Huge High Definition TV Screens
We have 5 high-definition screens inside our unit and two more outside so players can enjoy Just Dance. 

Latest Gaming Systems
PlayStation 4,  Xbox One, and Wii U

Our Game Theater Accommodates up to 26 Players 
Our game theater has 5 gaming stations on the inside that support up to 18 players with space available for 10 additional friends to watch the fun

on our stadium seating. In addition, when weather permits, there are 2 more gaming stations on the outside that will support up to 8 additional players.

HUGE Game Library
We carry the most popular video games.  Check out our game list.  

Surround Sound Audio System
Each TV is equipped with a soundbar, so that each player can hear the game they are playing.  

Fully Self Powered
Our Game Theater has its own ultra-quiet generator to run all our systems. There’s no need to plug in to electricity at your house.


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